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AuCopia is a unique consulting firm that works with buyers, sellers, financiers and investors throughout the world in business ventures. We uncover opportunities and pair developing companies in emerging markets with visionaries, developers, investors and financiers worldwide.

We know that engineering and architecture is more than designing buildings. We work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

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About AuCopia

AuCopia Global, Inc was started in 2005...
… as a owner and developer in the hotel and Casino business.
Offices in California, Nevada, Florida and Vietnam.
AuCopia has many affiliates and associates that are still connected, although independent today.
Working with the Gillmann Group, Inc...
… and the owner has joined AuCopia on the Board of Directors and as a Vice President in charge of the Casino and Hotel Sector.
Through its history has been in many countries...
… working with Casino owners, Casino buyers and sellers in the effort to bring up the quality of their operations and to increase the profitability of their operations.
Opening up new divisions...
… of which we are proud to show all on this website. Taking on new associates that are known experts in their field such as the insurance industry and commercial real estate development.

AuCopia is comprised of four Business Units as follows

Real Estate Acquisition and Development

  • AuCopia, with its lending partners, are focusing on commercial cash flow projects in the range of 50,000 to 500,000,000 USD.
  • These projects may include hotels, multi-familiy housing including condos, and single family residences.
  • Even though AuCopia is focusing on these areas, it is not out of the ordinary to get involved with projects throughout Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

Tourist Accident Insurance ( Viet Nam)

  • AuCopia has developed through its partners a complete Tourist Accident Reimbursement program that they are interested in implementing throughout Viet Nam and other Asian countries.
  • This program will assist the country in increasing the tourism and employ more local people in the area.
  • This program will help AuCopia  with their investments into the country to bring up the standard of healthcare.

Online Gaming and Sports Betting Establishments

  • AuCopia, with its online gaming partners, are able to set the standards for an equitable fee share with whatever platforms that are employed in the online Casino gaming world.
  • AuCopia’s partners are known for their solid business principles and honest business ventures.
  • AuCopia’s partners are world wide and licensed in all their servicing areas or countries.
  • AuCopia  only associates with licensed operators in the Online Gaming arena

Hospitality , Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts

  • AuCopia has a twenty year history of developing, buying and selling Casinos and hotels.
  • AuCopia has on its team, the Gillmann Group, for which is well known throughout the world for its Casino operations.
  • AuCopia has on its team many C-type executives for the hotel and Casino business. They are able to put in management teams in a very short time with a record of turning around Casino and hotel or resort businesses that suffer from lack of cash flow and profitability.
  • AuCopia works with the top five accountant companies and brings to the table the expertise in any area that they get involved with.
  • AuCopia has as partners and associates many compliance officers that will be able to work in almost any jurisdiction.

Our Firm

We’re sticklers for design, and have been for more than two decades. We will turn your wish into reality.

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