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Present Projects


North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana


• One Hundred and Twenty Million US Dollar Casino, Hotel and Entertainment Facility

• Estimated Start Date: 4th Quarter 2020


• One Hundred Million US Dollar Truck Stop, Casino and Hotel.

• Estimated Start Date: 1st Quarter 2021


• Oil Field Development in Montana (Under Strict NDA – Information Available to NDA Signatories Only)

• Estimated Start Date: 4th Quarter 2020


Vietnam: Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City


• Tourist Accident Insurance Co.  Main Office in Hanoi and Satellite Office in Ho Chi Minh City.  Under Strict NDA.  Information available upon signed NDA.

• Started in 2019 and is estimated to be in full operation 3rd Quarter 2021

• Full Casino Hotel and Entertainment Center with full Las Vegas style casino license Vietnam.  Estimated Cost is between 600 and 800 million US Dollars.

• Estimated Start Date: 3rd Quarter 2021 for Design and Engineering.


• Export & import consulting company office in Hanoi, Vietnam

• Estimated Start Date: 1st Quarter 2021

Exterior Architecture

Monarh Hall

Client: AR Bros


Divi HQ Office Building

Client: Divi Inc.


Extra Appartment Complex

Client: Extra

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